A note of thanks, from a happy customer:

There are two attributes that, in particular, are important to customers.  The quality of the product -- and the quality of the people that support it.

I've owned many trailers and have purchased product from several competitors of Demco.

I say this with no exaggeration:  Demco is -- by far -- the most professional and customer oriented company I have ever worked with.  It's not even close.  You have a fine company, and I am thankful for your support in troubleshooting my coupler.  Here is what I observed:

1.  Genuine concern and interest in solving the problem.
2.  Cool, calm and friendly interaction.  You asked questions and listened.
3.  Focus.  I never felt as though you were sweeping the concern away to get to something more important (than me, the customer).
4.  Clear communication.  Your explanations were easy to understand.
5.  Expertise.  You understand this product hands down.
6.  Efficiency.  This is a trait that most customer-facing people don't understand.  Taking the time to listen and focus actually makes for more time efficiency.  It did, with respect, to this coupler issue for me.

Demco is one heck of a good company, and I sincerely thank you.

-John S.


Testimonial #2

Good afternoon. I was so pleased with my Demco AutoSlide, and some of the "unintended" positive results I got out of the product, that I felt the need to share and send a few pics. I chose the Demco Autoslide due to owning a Titan XD CC SWB (which is a really short bed) and wanted to ensure I had plenty of cab clearance when turning.

Not only did the AutoSlide give me more than enough room when turning with my fifth wheel, the clearance was so great that I was able to leave my above the rail toolbox and still make almost a 90 degree turn!!

There's not another product out there that I know of that will accomplish that, especially on a 6.5 bed and in most cases, I think on an 8' bed.
You guys saved me $500.00 in having to purchase a fifth wheel tool box. Thanks!


Concerning towing, the AutoSlide dispels all the old myths about using a king pin and fifth wheel. My family and I have put over 2500 miles of towing in this summer and I have to tell you it pulls like a dream! I have to look in the mirror and hope my trailer is still there because it is so quiet without "clunking" or chatter.

I am so excited as to how well the Demco product has proven that my wife is even tired of me talking about it (smile).

Thanks for building such a fabulous product. Money well spent.

-Andy R.