Sprayer "Clean-Out" after Dicamba Applications

Sprayer “Clean-Out” after Dicamba Applications

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Sprayer "Clean-Out" after Dicamba Applications

  • The reality is, it's impossible to remove all dicamba residue from a spray rig when flushing with just plain water.
  • Dicamba as well as other herbicides can leave deposits in the sprayer tank, screens, filters and nozzles and if not cleaned properly may contribute to carryover effects with the next spray job.
  • Various herbicides that call for a non-ionic spray adjuvant or has a built-in surfactant can act as a cleaner removing deposits that can create a residue solution and if not properly cleaned could potentially harm future crops when spraying.
  • Always read and follow pesticide manufacturer recommendations regarding use and equipment clean-up.

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The Following Recommendations are from the University of Nebraska