New Logo

New Logo

Thursday, September 20, 2018


Customer notice:

RE: Logo redesign

Demco was incorporated in 1964. At that time the Demco logo was designed to brand the company name. Our unique logo has served Demco very well over our 54 + year history. In support of Demco’s well recognized script logo, we chose to maintain a forward leaning look, but with emphasis on a more modern and bold look to underscore Demco’s forward thinking approach.

Our new logo design also comes at a time when Demco will be branding “all” of our products under the Demco brand name. Yes, this includes our Spencer product category that has been under the Maurer brand name since inception. As you may know Demco had acquired a large equity position in Maurer Manufacturing with other outside investors in 2000 with a full ownership position gained in December of 2016. Since this time, Demco has been working towards a one company, one family, and one brand goal. With this in mind, Demco believes now is the right time to make these important moves for our brand name.

It is our plan to brand all product categories under the Demco logo for our 2019 fiscal year. Starting 11-1-2018 you will see Demco branding on all of our product categories. This will be the new attached logo design. Please recognize that this will not be an overnight change. There will be a transition period to make all graphics, signage, literature, operators’ manuals, etc. to recognize the new logo. Your patience is greatly appreciated during this transition.

When considering co-op advertising, print advertising, catalog advertising, etc. please reach out to the Demco marketing department for guidance and availability of the new logo design. We have developed a media kit to assist with your marketing efforts and the consistent branding of the Demco name.This media kit is attached in this email, and is also available on our website, along with high resolution versions of the new logo.

We are very excited for this new logo design. This is a symbol of changing with the times and pulling all of our product categories and team members together under one family, the DEMCO family.

Demco management