Demco's KarKaddy SS

Demco’s KarKaddy SS

Friday, August 25, 2017

“All tow dollies are the same! Or…. I can buy a dolly for less money!

I’ve heard them all for sure. You’re probably reading this and thinking to yourself, I’ve had those same thoughts. What is it about the Demco Kar Kaddy 460SS that make it such a valuable item and sets it apart from the others and makes it more $$ than some of the others? I thought you’d never ask!

  • Steerable axle – The KK460SS and the KK3 from Demco both have this unique feature. Why does it make a difference? It makes a difference because this is the only dolly that will track directly behind your coach. You don’t have to worry about “swinging out” when you turn or if your car is going to hit that fire hydrant on the corner. If you miss the curb or hydrant with the coach, you’re going to miss it with the dolly! Simple as that. This is the single most important feature when I talk to consumers like you at rallies and events across the country. Experienced “tow-ers” know this feature saves them money on repairs to their dolly and their car.
  • Galvanized – Want years of worry free performance. Look no further than the durability of the galvanization on the Demco Kar Kaddy 460SS.
  • Sealed hubs – Want to go more than 1000 miles with having to lubricate your hubs? Sure you do!. Worry free and maintenance free. This little thing makes a HUGE difference in your enjoyment of RVing and towing.
  • Easy latch handles – Whether it’s the ratchet with the largest handles or the ramp latch. You’ll LOVE these handles. Easier to hang on to and easier to use. Try it and we think you’ll love this simple feature.
  • Folds in half! -  You will not find another dolly with this feature. Store it easier in your garage. Campground wants to charge you for an additional storage area for your dolly? No problem! Fold it up and push it up behind or under your coach. Saves money in the long run.

Check out these and many other features on the Demco Kar Kaddy 460SS at

We think you’ll love it like we do!