Demco Harvest Link

Demco Harvest Link

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Through a joy stick control in the tractor cab the operator can operate the auger allowing the radial movement and fore/aft motion. This feature allows the loading of a semi in one (1) position. There is no need to adjust the semi position during the loading process. The self-contained hydraulic system is also responsible to power the auger unloading system on the Harvest Link. The grain flow control gates are hydraulically powered and sequenced to automatically open and close as a result of the load requirements on the orbit motors powering the augers.

The Harvest Link is equipped with a patent pending electronic scale system. This system is designed to communicate through radio frequency with the grain cart scale system. This allows for the grain cart to simultaneously unload into the Harvest Link while at the same time the Harvest Link is allowed to fill a waiting semi-truck. The patent pending feature of this is th~ fact the Harvest Link scale system will tabulate a gross total field weight. There is no loss offield data as a result of simultaneous operations being performed.

Another of the scale features is the pre-programming of truck capacities. This allows you to program into the scale system the net capacity of each of your respective trucks. When the truck arrives you simply touch the pre-programmed weight for the respective truck and start the loading process. Once the Harvest Link has unloaded the required net weight into your truck, the hydraulic system of the Harvest Link will automatically close the grain flow doors allowing only the required weight on your truck.

Another benefit of the Harvest Link is the length of the unloading auger with its fore/aft adjustment. This feature allows you to park the Harvest Link along the road ditch at the end of your field. The Harvest Link's auger can then reach across the road ditch allowing you to fill trucks while the truck remains on the road. By keeping your trucks from entering the field you eliminate the field stress on your truck and trailer. Field stress can be muddy field conditions, short driveways causing the trailer to drop off on the shoulder causing severe twisting of the trailer, severe twisting of the trailer can cause reduced trailer life and increased repair costs.

The transportation of the Harvest Link from field to field is simple. The front of the unit is raised or lowered and carried on the 3-point hitch of your tractor. The rear tandem axle of the Harvest Link is raised and lowered utilizing the hydraulic controls of your tractor. Pricing of the Demco Harvest Link has yet to be established.
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