Maintenance Generalist (Day Shift) - Boyden, IA

Date Posted: April 5, 2019


Maintains Demco’s facilities and equipment and performs all requested repairs.  Conducts some light plumbing, carpentry, and electrical tasks.  Will be assigned duties and expected to prioritize responsibilities and complete tasks in a timely manner.


Building and Grounds Maintenance

Primary Duties:

  • Conducts machinery maintenance
  • Trouble-shoots any plumbing problems or projects
  • Performs some light carpentry and electrical work including operating power tools
  • Follows procedures for all regulatory programs at Demco (hazardous waste management program, wastewater, etc.)
  • Operates a forklift, scissor lift, and other machinery to fix or maintain Demco’s structure or equipment
  • Works as a team and be self-motivated to work independently
  • Actively looks for new and improved ways to do things

Qualifications / Experience:

  • Must have (or be willing to obtain) a Demco forklift license
  • Knowledge of Fabrication and Welding equipment
  • Knowledge of hydraulics and pneumatics
  • Ability to operate large equipment and willingness to learn new equipment
  • Knowledge of waste water disposal
  • Organizational, priority, and time management skills
  • Good interpersonal, verbal communication and active listening skills



Please send your application or resume to:


Or Mail to: 
Attention: Human Resources :
4010 320th Street
Boyden, IA  51234

Any Questions Please Call: 800-543-3626 Fax: 712-725-2380.

This description is intended to define in general terms the most significant duties of a particular position and is not all inclusive of all duties or responsibilities of individual positions. Position descriptions are not intended to exclude the possibility of temporary assignments or the alteration of existing positions.