60th Anniversary Celebration!

Join us as we celebrate Demco’s 60th Anniversary by sharing a time of food and fun with friends and family. Each location will have displays and tours to reminisce and celebrate the people and products who make Demco the company it is today. Everyone is welcome to celebrate with us onsite in Spencer on June 7th, 4-6:30, or Boyden on June 21st, 4-6:30.

The history behind Demco all starts with Robert Dethmers. Robert Dethmers started as a blacksmith and, later on, in the 1940s and 50’s, owned an Allis Chalmers dealership with his father. He then sold the business in 1958 and started building agricultural equipment for fertilizer application equipment in the agriculture industry. In 1964, Robert incorporated the business as Dethmers Manufacturing Company (Demco). During this time, his son-in-law, Jim Koerselman, started working at Demco as the fourth team member.

When Robert Dethmers suddenly passed in 1974, Jim Koerselman and Ken Mulder became partners in ownership. At this point, Demco was still 100% agriculturally focused. It was not until the early 80’s, when the Farm Crisis affected many farms immensely, that we developed the Kar Kaddy, which saved the business in that challenging time. Not only did it save the company, but it also helped diversify it as well. After making it through the Farm Crisis, Jim and Ken retired in 1997. They sold out to a group of family members and long-term managers. However, in 2001 Jim returned to Demco when he was presented with an opportunity to buy back into the company. Demco also purchased Maurer Manufacturing in Spencer, IA in 2001. Maurer Manufacturing was an agricultural business that built semi-trailers, combine extensions and head trailers. This provided more diversity in the industry and a second location. We diversified even more over the years by acquiring Circle R and SMI Manufacturing, as well as a line of 5th-wheel hitches from Victoria Industries.

By acquiring these companies, Demco presented new products, including Side Dumps, 5th wheel hitches, and supplemental braking systems for towed vehicles. As part of our commitment to the future, we recently completed the first two phases of remodeling our first building in Boyden into a multipurpose training, lodging, and entertainment space that also gives a hands-on view to many of the milestones on our journey in the Heritage Center: a space that tells the story of Demco’s past with product displays, pictures, and more. With over 60 years of history displayed, The Heritage Center is phase 1 of the remodel. Phase two of the remodel was just completed this year, the DEPOT! DEPOT stands for Demco Educating Professionals and Onsite Training. We have 12 overnight rooms, a kitchen, offices, and a large common room to host team building. In addition to those rooms, we also provide a large indoor space that doubles as space to get equipment inside for training and a space for hosting webinars.

Today, Demco is 100% family-owned by Bob Koerselman, Kevin Ten Haken, and James Koerselman. They remain committed to carrying on the legacy of our vision statement, “Doing our Best to Provide You the Best.” As a team, we focus on product diversification and believe it strengthens us in many ways. However, the number one strength Demco has is creating an environment that treats our team and customers like a community. Our most outstanding achievements are building relationships and impacting the lives of others for good. As part of our commitment to these goals, we are constantly asking questions about how we can develop better products for our customers and asking our employees how we can be a better employer. We are far from perfect, but we strive to be our best. Our team is the reason we love celebrating these significant milestones. They helped build Demco into what we see today. Come to Demco on June 7th, 4-6:30 in Spencer, or June 21st, 4-6:30 in Boyden, to celebrate with us! We cannot wait to meet all of you!

Team Members in Boyden & Spencer
Team Members in Boyden & Spencer