Safety Specialist

Employment Type: Full Time

Work Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00 am 4:30pm


4010 320TH ST
Boyden, IA 51234

Job Description

Provide leadership and training in overall safety of Demco employees and property. Responsible to maintain and support safety rules and OSHA standards and regulations. Work within a team environment and maintain established safety programs and procedures.

Reports to Human Resource Manager

Primary Duties:

  • Creates an environment of safety awareness throughout the company
  • Prepares and updates applicable OSHA programs
  • Responsible to learn, maintain, and retain all written OSHA and company policies for an inspection
  • Provide safety training orientation to all new employees and annual update training of safety programs and topics
  • Employee training and recordkeeping of monthly safety topics
  • Conduct and be certified for respirator fit-testing
  • Attend required meetings related to health, safety, and injuries
  • Organize, provide leadership and maintain Demco’s Emergency Response Team (ERT)
  • To become annually certified for Spill Control Procedures Team
  • Investigate all work related injuries making necessary corrections to equipment or work stations taking preventative action to protect from future injury
  • Follow-up of safety concerns after audit inspections
  • Maintains and makes available current electronic drawings of all four company locations
  • Inspects and keeps records for all monthly and annual inspections of Fire Extinguishers, Eye Washes, Personal Oxygen stations and cranes and hoists
  • Organize and conduct required additional training for specified employees required by OSHA such as lockout/tagout for authorized employees, forklift training, comprehensive specialized Haz Com training to paint dept. employees re: program requirements and safety data sheets, etc. and maintaining all training records.
  • Maintains the SDS data and record keeping
  • Prepare and posting OSHA Form 300A
  • Report accidents to the work comp insurance company
  • Maintain all accident reports


Benefits Day 1:

  • 11 Paid Holidays
  • Birthday Paid Off
  • PTO Accrual

Benefits 1st of the Month After 30 Days:

  • Health Insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • Vision Insurance
  • Life and Short Term Disability Insurance
  • Aflac

Benefits 1st of the Month After 60 Days:

  • 401k Retirement Plan


Any Questions Please Call: 800-543-3626 Fax: 712-725-2380

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