Manufacturing Engineer

Employment Type: Full Time


1300 38th Ave W
Spencer, IA 51301


    • Degree in Industrial, Manufacturing, Mechanical, or related engineering discipline
    • Team player who can work effectively in a team environment
    • Ability to provide leadership for change and improvement
    • Planning Experience – ability to think ahead and plan over 2-3 year time span.
    • Project Management skills – ability to organize and manage multiple projects through the manufacturing process.
    • Computer assisted design (CAD) and Solid Works proficiency
    • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
    • Problem solving skills; ability to perform problem analysis and problem resolution


    • Design and improve processes of the manufacturing systems with a strong emphasis on quality, productivity, and operating costs by implementing lean concepts
    • Directs and coordinates new product introduction activities to assure all functional areas are involved to the extent specified in the product development procedure
    • Research, development, and implementation of improvements to new/existing process and manufacturing systems to improve quality, productivity and reduce operating costs.
    • Focus on operation procedures to improve ergonomic and human factors
    • Analyze manufacturing processes and methods including flow, layout, and production equipment
    • Make suggestions to design engineering to improve the manufacturability of current designs
    • Assist in the training of production personnel
    • Ensures that all manufacturing methods, tooling and equipment complies with state and federal regulations
    • Provide technical assistance, training and information to various individuals involved in the production processes
    • Cost-justify various tools, machinery and equipment for recommended manufacturing methods and make vs buy decisions
    • Confer with management, engineering and other staff regarding manufacturing capabilities, production schedules, and other considerations to facilitate production processes.
    • Collaborates closely with the staff to bring about equipment upgrades and improvements

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