Large Trailer Territory Manager

Employment Type: Full Time


  • Must have outgoing personality and good with people
  • Must be self-motivate and driven
  • Should have excellent problem solving abilities
  • Must have a mechanical aptitude
  • Must be a team player with strong communication skills
  • Basic computer skills are required
  • Overnight travel is required
  • Flexible work schedule necessary
  • Must be detail oriented, personable, and assertive


  • Calls on dealers to educate them on features and benefits of Demco Large Trailer product line
  • Promotes stocking of Demco products to help facilitate growth for Dealer and Demco
  • Works trade shows (wholesale and retail) to promote stocking and sale of Demco Large Trailer product line
  • Works with dealer sales staff to instill confidence in Demco Large Trailer product line
  • Special focus on cold calling potential new accounts and end-user customers to offer Demco Large Trailer products
  • Must make efficient use of company time and resources by performing sales calls and scheduling appointments
  • Fills out reports addressing issues to find ways to better serve customers
  • Reports new trends, ideas, issues, products and programs to the company
  • Assists in designing and developing new products using industry ideas, demands and trends
  • Reports inventory at the dealer level
  • Works to assist customers and dealers any way possible, advertising, literature needs, etc.
  • Looks for points of interest on sales calls to personally connect with the dealer
  • Takes dealer orders at the end of sales calls

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