General Maintenance

Employment Type: Full Time

Work Hours: 6 am to 430 pm


4010 320th St
Boyden, IA 51234

Experience Requirements

  • Demco licensed forklift operator
  • Knowledge of Fabrication equipment as well as ability to weld
  • Knowledge of hydraulics and pneumatics
  • Flexible work environment and work hours
  • Valid driver’s and CDL license and a good driving record
  • Ability to operate large equipment and willingness to learn new equipment
  • Knowledge of waste water disposal
  • Organizational, priority, and time management skills
  • Good interpersonal, verbal communication and active listening skills
  • Knowledge and understanding of the function of all departments in the plant
  • With reference to duties as a Hazardous Waste Management employee:
  • Must be trained and certified within six months from the date of employment to perform all functions relating to handling, storing and shipping hazardous waste. If engaged in any activities involving hazardous waste, employee must be under the supervision of a properly RCRA trained and certified employee.
  • Must be trained and certified under DOT regulations for handling, packaging, preparing paperwork, and shipments of hazardous materials.
  • Experience and knowledge of the CMMS software
  • Knowledgable with the HVAC systems


  • To conduct machinery maintenance
  • Trouble-shoot any plumbing problems or projects
  • To perform some light carpentry and electrical work including operating power tools
  • To follow procedures for all regulatory programs at Demco (hazardous waste management program, wastewater, etc.)
  • Operate a forklift, scissor lift, and other machinery to fix or maintain Demco’s structure or equipment
  • To complete jobs on a timely and consistent basis
  • To work as a team and be self-motivated to work independently
  • To actively be looking for new and improved ways to do things
  • To trouble shoot the east end paint booths

Position descriptions are intended to define in general terms the most significant duties of a particular position and are not all inclusive of all duties or responsibilities of individual positions. Position descriptions are not intended to exclude the possibility of temporary assignments or the alteration of existing positions.