1050 & 1250 Trailer Liquid Fertilizer Applicators

Excellent Performance for Side-Dressing

As the creators of high quality farm equipment such as 50 Series Sprayers & SideQuest saddle tanks, Demco is very pleased to offer our 1050 & 1250 model trailer liquid fertilizer applicators. Using our experience and expertise in the industry, we have developed the 1050 & 1250 applicators loaded with quality and features that will perform for you in the field. These units are available with either 40’ or 60’ toolbars.

Our trailer design has a short “hitch pin to axle” length that provides excellent tracking and reduces crop damage. The unique tank design provides a deep sump and centers the mass of the unit on the axle to maintain even down pressure for the toolbar as the tank empties.

Our toolbars feature hydraulic down pressure which keeps the coulters in the ground for precise depth control and can be easily adjusted without tools. The toolbar wings “kick-up” to avoid crop damage while turning on the end of the field. Below you will find much more information on these high quality products.