Fertilizer Equipment

A red tractor with with fertilizer equipment folded up

1050 & 1250 Trailer Liquid Fertilizer Applicators

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A piston pump used for with fertilizer equipment

Piston Pump

Lil’ Thumper piston pumps are ground driven pumps which assure accurate rate of application regardless of speed.

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Whether you farm a field large or small, Demco fertilizer equipment can help make quick work of a nourishing fertilizer application. Helping you be more efficient and productive during your time in the field, our 3-point toolbars, liquid fertilizer applicators and piston pumps expand your reach and enable you to get more done. Built with the quality, strength and features you expect from Demco, our products are built to last and will give you many years of faithful service that you can depend on.

Our 40' 3-point mounted fertilizer toolbar is a perfect complement to our saddle tank systems and gives you superior maneuvering with excellent visibility to minimize crop damage and maximize your capacity for side-dressing. Featuring a center linkage with two cylinders attached -- one cylinder for folding and the other for "kick up" -- you can easily avoid knocking your crops down when turning on headlands; when the tool bar is unfolded, the bar sits in the "up" position, which prevents the coulters from hitting the ground. During operation, hydraulic down pressure keeps the coulters in the ground, and this pressure can easily be adjusted without the use of tools, making quick work of any changes in level or terrain.

For those with more ground to cover, the Demco 60' 3-point mounted toolbar expands your reach with the same strength and features of our 40' toolbar. Paired with our SideQuest saddle tanks, it becomes an effective and efficient piece of fertilizer equipment. With a double bar design for maximum strength and folding outer wings that reduce the 60' to a 40' for those tight spots, this Demco toolbar is as versatile as it is robust. Additionally, the wing "kick up" gives the edges a 16-degree lift, which helps avoid crop damage when turning, and hydraulic down pressure helps keep coulters in the ground with precise depth control that can be adjusted without tools. The toolbar's built-in flex also allows the inner wing to move eight degrees above and below horizontal, which helps keep the 60 mesh feeder line filters at the perfect level during operation.

For an all-in-one system of toolbar and saddle tank, the Demco 1050 and 1250 trailer liquid fertilizer applicatorsare loaded with quality features that won't let you down in the field. Available with 40' or 60' toolbars, the design of this piece of fertilizer equipment features a short hitch pin to axle length that reduces crop damage and provides excellent tracking during use. The attached tanks give a deep sump and keeps the mass on the axle to maintain even down pressure for the toolbar as the tank empties. Featuring hydraulic down pressure to keep the coulters in the ground at the perfect depth, adjustments can be made without tools for fine tuning. And with the same "kick up" that protects your crop from damage during turning, these Demco trailer liquid fertilizer applicators are a great addition to a large or growing fleet.

We also provide Lil' Thumper piston pumps, which can be mounted on most planters and other pieces of fertilizer equipment. Made of high-quality components, this ground driven pump is reliable and economical, and dealers tell us that many customers have successfully used them to retrofit aging applicators with ease.

Whether you're a dealer or consumer, Demco fertilizer equipment is designed to withstand the rigors of daily work life. Contact us today to learn more.