Head Transports Interactive Video

Our High Speed Transports come standard with torsion flex axles, front & rear. Our torsion axles provide you with a smooth & safe ride enabling you to travel at highway speeds.
Our tricycle front end allows for short turns, excellent maneuverability, and high speed towing capability. With the torsion suspension, you will have a smooth, safe ride.
Our High Speed Transport features a one piece welded design. The top & bottom rails are welded together with cross members welded to the main beam that pulls from the hitch to the axle. With superior strength as compared to other designs, our head transport is built to handle the weight & size of today's combine heads.
Standard LED lighting provides you with a safe visibility on the road. Wire harnesses are "plug & play" without connectors that other brands use. Our sealed lighting system provides high quality & reliable lighting on our head transports.
A black rubberized undercoat protects the head transport from chips, especially on gravel roads.
Adjustable brackets, each with 16 different available positions, provide the adjustability to fit different models of heads with on head transport design. Tie down straps are standard and secure the combine head safely to the transport.
High quality brand torsion axles are built to handle the load. The hubs are very easy to grease & maintain with a grease fitting on the hub cap.

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