Head Transports AWS Models Interactive Video

The top rail of the All Wheel Steer Head Transport has up & down adjustability to provide you with flexibility when loading your combine head. The feature makes it easier to put the head on the transport.
Our ALL Wheel Steer Head Transport is uniquely designed to meet the needs of today's growers transporting newer, longer, and heavier combine heads. It is the elite AWS head transport in the industry.
LED lights are standard, providing bright, clear lights for safe transport in the dark. Conspicuity tape is also standard to provide additional safety at night. A Slow Moving Vehicle sign is standard. Two adjustable tie-downs are provided to safely secure your combine head to the transport.
Torsion flex axles are standard on both the front & rear axles, providing you with the best & smoothest ride that an All Wheel Steer Head Transport has to offer. 7K torsion axles are on our 32' & 38' models. 8K torsion axles are on our 42' & 48' models.
The unique design of our All Wheel Steer Head Transport steers the entire front & rear axles with the steering linkages to the side, not underneath, the main beam. The provides unmatched ground clearance, of over 16'', which is very important when pulling a long combine head into the field.
The main beam our All Wheel Steer Head Transport is 8''x10'' heavy duty construction to handle the weight of today's new combine heads. Our heavy duty construction is designed to perform & to last, and to protect your significant investment in your combine head.
Our All Wheel Steer Head Transport provides 100 degrees of steering to allow you to move your combine head into the field where there are narrow roads and driveways. It is a great solution for transporting and maneuvering larger combine heads.
Two adjustable brackets on the lower rail provide additional adjustability to adapt to the type of combine head and ensure a safe & proper fit. Specific brackets are available for corn heads with "stalk stompers" & for specific draper heads.

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