Liquid Fertilizer Applicator Interactive Video

The design of the applicator & placement of the tank centers the mass to provide even down pressure while applying fertilizer while the tank empties.
The toolbar wing "kick up" 8 degrees to avoid cop damage while turning the end rows.
Demco's exclusive tank design provides a deep sump while excellent drainage. The deep sump also keeps product in the tank while operating on side hills.
Demco's 60' toolbar folds to 40' & our 40' toolbar folds to 30' providing flexibility & convenience for your operation.
A double bar design, 5''x7'', is standard on Demco 40' & 60' toolbars. This provides superior strength & durability to keep you running during the short fertilizer application window.
Demco's short trailer design allows the machine to stay in the row, reducing crop damage. It also provides superior maneuverability.
Demco Liquid Fertilizer Applicators are available in capacities of 1,050 & 1,250 gallons & toolbar sizes of 40' & 60'. A 3'' quick fill, LED lighting, storage compartment, pressure gauge, & single tube hitch frame are standard equipment. Demco toolbars are also available as three point mount to use with our saddle tanks.
A platform with folding ladder provides safe and easy access to the tank & tank fill for your convenience.

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