50 Series Sprayer Interactive Video

The exclusive tank design of Demco 50 Series sprayers has a large secondary & deep primary sump. This provides superior drainage and keeps product in the sump while operating on side hills. Agitators are positioned to maximize mixing of chemical suspension.
Demco 50 Series sprayers are available with front folding hydraulic booms in widths of 45', 60', 66', 80', or 90'. These booms have Truss boom design for proven strength & performance. Outer wing breakaway is standard, and the 80/90 boom has hydraulic boom breakaway off of the center boom section.
The Demco 90' boom can fold to & spray at 60', giving you flexibility to spray in smaller fields and tight spots. The hydraulic Glide Suspension is an option providing cost effective height control. This optional feature makes the booms weightless with precharged wing lift cylinders which lift the booms in uneven terrain.
Demco front folding hydraulic booms have a center pivot suspension, shock absorbers providing side to side control, an accumulator system & a leveling linkage. Working together these items provide a soft, smooth ride in the field providing a long lasting boom and a consistent, accurate application of the product.
The controls are conveniently located and clearly labeled for valve operation. 2'' quick couplers are provided for bottom filling of the tanks. A chemical eductor is optional for a safe & quick way to add chemicals & other products.
A Pendant Boom Controller is standard equipment and controls the boom fold and boom height. The Demco 66', 60' & 45' boom fold to a transport width of 9'6'', and the 80/90' boom folds to a transport width of 12'. Boom rests and a latch holds the boom in securely during transport. Live hydraulics to the boom provide an immediate response when boom movement is needed.
A 120 gallon rinse tank is standard equipment on all Demco 50 Series sprayer models. Conveniently located within the trailer frame, the rinse tank provides plenty of capacity to thoroughly rinse the main tank.
With the shortest hitch pin to axle length in the industry at 140'', Demco 50 Series sprayers hold the row and follow the contour. This reduces your crop damage.
The design of the applicator & placement of the tank centers the mass to provide even down pressure while applying fertilizer while the tank empties.
The clean, compact design of Demco 50 Series sprayer provides 30'' of ground clearance with no hoses or anything hanging down from the sprayer.

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