1272 Grain Cart Interactive Video

Aggressive slopes and the overall design of the gravity-flow 1102 & 1272 grain carts allow for excellent grain clean-out - for all grains.
The hydraulic cushioned, two speed cylinder starts the unload auger unfold/ fold process slowly and then speeds up. This feature protects the auger during the unfold/ fold, but also speeds this process up to get the grain cart back in action and improve harvest speed.
The POSI- Drive auger coupler provides a solid connection with 6 "teeth" that completely engage the upper and lower augers. This provides a smooth unload and prevents banging, shock, and noise when engaging the unload auger. This feature prevents wear and tear on the gearbox and driveline.
The adjustable auger spout rotates 100 degrees from side to side. This makes it much easier for the grain cart operator to unload by providing this additional adjustment. This feature allows the grain cart to unload quickly and get back to the combine to keep it rolling.
The 20'' diameter unload auger with UltraFlyte auger flighting will unload the 1102 grain cart in 2.25 minutes and the 1272 grain cart in 2.5 minutes, enabling you to harvest quickly. UltraFlyte auger flighting has a concave face with a smooth transition to a thick edge, which provides over 50% longer life than competing brands.
The frame, support beams, and structure of the 1102 & 1272 grain carts are heavy duty built to keep you running and provide a grain cart that will last. Our grain carts are completely welded and fully tested to make sure they will last.
The forward reach of the unload auger provides excellent visibility so the operator can see clearly while unloading and can look out the side window of the tractor, rather than needing to turn around to look out the rear window.
Demco model 1102 & 1272 grain carts are available with Camso track systems, 1250 & 32 tires, 1050/50 R32 tires, or 520/85 R42 oscillating inline duals.
Oscillating duals allow movement on uneven terrain to minimize frame stress and field scuffing.
The automatic reset cut-out clutch with over-running clutch allows free motion of the PTO after the tractor PTO has been shut off. The automatic cut-out shuts the PTO off if it has been overloaded and then automatically resets. This provides protection to the grain cart driveline and tractor PTO without the hassle of shear bolts.

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