45' & 60' Hydraulic X-Fold Boom

Proven Performance.

Proven performance, quality, dependability, strength, and superior design.  This describes Demco sprayer booms.  If you need a sprayer boom, Demco is the answer for you. 

With years of experience manufacturing sprayer booms and many different sizes and styles available, Demco is the choice to make when buying a new sprayer boom.

  • The hydraulic X-fold boom requires two sets of remote outlets and has auto level ride and shock-spring flotation.
  • Spring loaded cable ride for cushioning and less swing.
  • Hydraulic boom wing leveling.
  • Wings fold independently.
  • Outer wing breakaway.
  • Easy access to 3-point pins and hydraulic hookups.
  • Available in three versions: 3-point tractor mount, trailer mount or rear mounted tank unit.
  • Transport width: 10' 8"
  • Transport height: 11' 9" (at a 20" spraying height)
  • All booms are available with 3/4" high volume plumbing and TeeJet® drip free diaphragm check nozzles with stainless steel boom and hose clamps spaced at 20".
  • Trailer mounts include hydraulic height adjuster (24" travel).

NOTE: Factory setup is standard. Wings may be removed for shipping.

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