21', 30' & 40' Truss-T Booms

Proven Performance.

Proven performance, quality, dependability, strength, and superior design.  This describes Demco sprayer booms.  If you need a sprayer boom, Demco is the answer for you. 

With years of experience manufacturing sprayer booms and many different sizes and styles available, Demco is the choice to make when buying a new sprayer boom.

  • Designed to meet the requirements of small acreage spraying.
  • Vertical and horizontal breakaway minimizes needless wear and tear. Eliminates the lashing associated with a chain boom.
  • All hose is 1/2" EPDM chemical resistant rubber.
  • Demco's Truss-T booms are available on 150, 200 & 300 gallon trailer sprayers and 60, 80, 150 & 200 gallon rear mounts.

NOTE: 21' & 30' booms are partially preassembled.
NOTE: 40' boom is shipped unassembled.
NOTE: Feeder lines not included.

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